Jane Mallick is a dedicated yogini, who has been practicing yoga for over thirty years. After a successful career in Social Health Research and Organisational Change Management, Jane found herself in her at a mid-life health crisis point. She turned to yoga, and in deepening her practice, she found a powerful antidote for the many years of working too hard and fast.

Jane is a passionate practitioner of a style she calls Tantra Flow Yoga. This is a unique form that honours a woman’s full experience and her ever-changing beauty. She also teaches Yin Yoga. Jane’s form of yoga is a dance between the Yin and Yang and the Shakti and Shiva that dwell within all of us. It is nurturing and sensual, dynamic and strength-building. A gentle and flowing yoga that nurtures and harmonizes the body, mind and emotions, increases health and vitality, and awakens creative potential.

In 2012, Jane moved to Taradale in central Victoria and started offering classes, workshops and one to one coaching, in her local area and beyond in retreats and festivals. Her yoga classes are welcoming, inspiring and joyful. She strongly believes in the healing and the transformative powers of yoga and is committed to supporting and empowering women to their full potential.

She is inspired by the sacred feminine to bring yoga teachings to her community and support women (many of whom find themselves in similar big mid-life transitions, be that in their health, relationships, or career.) as they strive to live their up to highest potential. Jane works with people to connect to the divine feminine within and without,

Recently, Jane opened some of her workshops to men to help awaken and embody the divine masculine within themselves through yoga.

Now, Jane is working to bring her yoga teachings to those who wish to develop their own home practices. Through her Devotional Home Yoga programs, she is spreading her extensive knowledge and passion beyond her local community.

I am super-excited to be able to take my yoga teachings online.

So many women have said to me that they would love to come to my classes and workshops, but time and location make it difficult to fit in with work, family and life!

I am also aware of the limits of intermittent weekly classes and workshops.

I am grateful I live in a time (with the wonderful technology available to us) where you will be able to experience my classes in your own home, at a time that suits you.

Working together through my Devotional Home Yoga course, we can turn yoga into an integral part of your life, maintaining your health and vitality.

I believe that yoga truly comes alive when we establish our own personal at-home yoga practice and I’m delighted to be working with you as we become empowered and align ourselves with the natural flow of life.