Autumn Foraging

Each year we turned to the abundance that is offered through foraging in our local region, including Wild Mushrooms and Rose hips.

I hope you take the time to walk out in nature, and enjoy the pleasure of free food foraging.

Here in Central Victoria the two easiest edible mushrooms to find, identify and eat!, are pine mushrooms Saffron Milk Cap (Lactarius deliciosus) and Slippery Jack (Boletus portentosus).

Please note, if you are ever unsure about whether a mushroom is edible or poisonous, do not eat it. I would highly recommend doing a mushroom identification course.

Each year we cook up an abundance of mushrooms on toast, risotto and soup. Please see our Cream Wild Mushroom Soup that is a perfect recipe for the Saffron Milk Caps.

Slippery Jacks are from the same family as Porcini mushrooms so make a great addition to to Italian soups, rice and pasta dishes. We dry the surplus Slippery Jacks to be used in our cooking throughout the  year. I use it like a ‘stock cube’ to add a rich flavour to dishes.

I have stated to harvest an abundant crop of Rosehips from the roses running wild in and around Taradale. They are best harvested after the first frost, then dried, and stored. They are delicious as a refreshing tea, and are a valuable source of vitamin C. This year has been a wonderful season for these wild ‘hips with the spring, summer and autumn rains.

drying rosehips.jpg

Happy foraging!

x Jane



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