About Jane Mallick PhD


DSC00718Discovery of Yoga

I grew up in Tasmania and spent most of my 20’s and 30’s travelling and living in London.  I now live on a small hobby farm in Taradale, Australia where I grow food (and flowers) for my family and friends, and the volunteer travellers who help on the farm. I have a love for the crafts of knitting and crochet and often have many creative projects on the go.

I was blessed to have been introduced to yoga by her mother when I was 15 years old. Mum was  a successful, independent women, liberated to a large extent by feminism.  Suffering from acute anxiety for most of her life she discovered the benefits of yoga in her mid life during the 70’s. When I started experiencing anxiety and stress from school work and the challenges of adolescence, she took me to her yoga classes and retreats, where I was first introduced to pranayama, asana and meditation.

I then followed an academic career, completing a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Doctorate in Educational Social Psychology.  I travelled a lot, and lived in the UK for 12 years where I met my husband and we had our twin boys.

By the time I was 40, I was in leadership roles in not-for-profit and socially conscious organisations. I was deeply passionate and committed to social change. I continued to practice yoga, ritually attending weekly classes, and intermittently a home practice of my own. My intention was to keep my busy life in balance and to seek some calm and relaxation.

When I turned 40 my whole life began to unravel. You could say I had the classic mid-life crisis. My work was no longer meaningful… my adrenals glands crashed after may years of prolonged stress

However when I turned 40 my whole life began to unravel.  You could say I had the classic mid life crisis. My work was no longer meaningful. I changed careers many times, tinkering at the edges, moving from Social Health Research roles into Organisational Change Management.

Little did I know that my adrenal glands, after many years of prolonged stress,  were heading for a crash. And then my naturopath, who was holding me upright with endless supplements, suggested I go to a tantric feminine yoga class…..

Discovery of Feminine Yoga


It was unlike any other yoga I had done. It was deeply nourishing.  It was an energetic practice that helped release tensions, awaken pleasure and (what I now realise) the Divine Feminine Shakti.

It was exactly what I needed to heal deep patterns in my family lineage and a powerful antidote for the many years of working too hard and fast in the ‘patriarchy’.

I was hooked!

So I embarked on a series of yoga teacher trainings,  to deepen my practice and healing, and fulfil the passion to share these sacred teachings with other women, many of whom find themselves in similar big mid-life transitions, be that in their health, relationships, or career.

More recently I opened some of my workshops for men and women to awaken and embody the divine feminine and divine masculine through yoga.

I feel blessed to have had some awesome and beautiful teachers:

  • Devashi Shakti, inspiring me with powerful Tantric and Taoist practices;
  • Lorraine Taylor awakening me with the beautiful Sacred Journey into Ashtanga Yoga and the joy of the  Mahavidya Goddesses;
  • Tina Nance with her passion for Yin Yoga and Sacred Menstruation;
  • Other teachers that have influenced me are Angela Farmer, Sally Kempton and David Frawley.

Yoga beyond Asana

My discovery of yoga, as it is for many in the West, has been through Asana, the physical practice of yoga postures and the practice of mediation and mindfulness. I have always loved learning (ok I’m a perpetual student!)  and yoga offers me an endless supply of inquiry. Areas of ongoing inquiry are:

  • dharma, in its multi layered definition: ‘right way of living’; ‘in service to humanity’; and ‘alignment with one’s unique life purpose’;
  • Ayurvedic (the ‘science of life’) self-care practices for balance, vitality and empowerment;
  • peri-menopause and menopause, the challenges and the self care practices to achieve balance and to tap into the power of this significant life stage;
  • evolutionary astrology for the current astrological events and the challenges and opportunities they present to us individually and collectively;
  • and ongoing inquiry into the psychology and healing through the Tantric Wisdom Goddess/God archetypes.