Tantra Flow Yoga and Yin Yoga classes are now offered @ The Mill, Castlemaine

Class details: where, when, costs and how to book

All Classes are offered as a 10-week course during Victorian school term times. Term 4, 2018 bookings are now open.

Where: emBODY Pilates @ the Mill, Shed 49, 1-9 Walker street, Castlemaine

  • Monday 5.30 – 7.00pm Tantra Flow Yoga.  Term 4 (10-Week course 8 Oct – 10 Dec) Sorry, this class is now FULL. If you are wanting to join us this term, please email me to join a waiting list, as I will offer a 7.15 Tantra Flow class if we get a minimum of 4 women.
  • Monday 7.15 – 8.45pm Yin Yoga. Term 4 (10-Week course 8 Oct – 10 Dec) Apologies, this class is CANCELLED for Term 4 due to no bookings. See above if you would like to attend a Tantra Flow class instead!
  • Wednesday 9.30-11.00am Tantra Flow Yoga. Term 4 (10-Week course 10 Oct – 12 Dec) TO BOOK
  • Friday 10.30-12.00pm Yin YogaTerm 4 (10-Week course 12 Oct – 14 Dec) TO BOOK

class photo trikoasana

Register the class/day/time that suits you best.  Some flexibility is available to make up classes over a term, in any of the classes, where space is available.

For a description of the classes and Tantra Flow Yoga compared to Yin Yoga please see below.

“I highly recommend attending these classes, it’s like a weekly boost for the body and soul!”

Cost for a 10-week course is $180 (early bird, 2-weeks prior to start of term) and $200 full registration thereafter. For shorter terms, the course price are adjusted due to the fewer number of classes.

To book your spot, please follow the links above to each class, or go to my online booking site for listings of all classes and workshops.

Each classes is limited to 10 students. Booking is essential. Payment must be made in full before the start of term. 
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Are you interested, but not sure if it is the right yoga for you? Come and try – your first class is FREE. Please call or email ahead of coming to ensure there is a space.

In my commitment to ensuring yoga is easy and accessible for any woman who would like to attend, I offer the following options:

  • A 10% discount on your registration for early bird registration up to two weeks before the start of term.
  • A new online booking system that offers credit card facilities.
  • A limited number of contra-deal places are available, includes a partial payment and the sharing of relevant skills.  Register with MALETS for 50% pods / 50% $ payment. When purchasing your class ticket, please enter the ‘promotional’ code: MaLETS
  • For those who would like to attend two classes per week e.g. Tantra Flow Yoga and a Yin yoga course your second course is 1/2 price: total $270 EB/ or $300. Please contact me directly to purchase these tickets.
  • Casual attendance for $25 per class is available for students:
    • who have completed a full Tantra Flow or Yin Yoga course in the past year
    • who know in advance that they cannot attend the whole term
    • if space is available

Tantra Flow Yoga

Tantra Flow Yoga is suitable for all women, ages and levels of fitness. Both novice and experienced yoginis are welcome.

DSC00537 KopieNurturing and sensual, dynamic and strengths building, Tantra Flow Yoga is a dance between Yin and Yang and the Shakti and Shiva within. Drawing from Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow, as well as Taoist and Tantric practices, Tantra Flow combines sensual flowing movements with dynamic strengths based asana, while honouring the female body and building core strength.

“Jane’s approach to yoga is a unique fusion of styles that effortlessly weave together, taking me on a journey into my self and the pleasure it is to be a woman”

Version 2Through the 10 week course we journey with the Hindu Tantric Goddesses Tara, Kali, Tripura Sundari, Bhuvaneshwari, Durga, Saraswati, and Lakshmi, invoking their creative and transformative energies into our practice and our lives. Each class is uniquely created with the different Goddess archetypes, using  variations in sequence, asana, pranayama and meditations, with evocative and enchanting music.

“Tantra Flow Yoga is woman-luscious: gentle, sensual and nurturing and with the traditional strength asanas, reinforce the power attributes of the goddess

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is suitable for all women. No yoga experience is necessary. Beginners and advanced yoga students are welcome.

saddle pose

Yin yoga works on the Chinese meridian system, bringing benefits to our health, well-being, energy levels and vitality. In Yin yoga, postures are held for longer periods of time, working on the deeper connective tissues of the body.

In Yin Yoga we feel and release tensions that are deep within us. There are many benefits of Yin yoga including increase flexibility and mobility. It is a deep meditation where we still the mind, experience greater clarity and peace of mind.

“I love the feeling of my body letting go of all that stuff”

“It’s amazing surrender for me, and sooooooo relaxing”

Through the 10 week Yin yoga course we invoke and embody the creative and transformational energies of the Hindu Tantric Goddesses into our yoga practice and our lives.  Each class is uniquely created with the different Goddess archetypes, using variations in sequence, asana, pranayama and meditations along with evocative and enchanting music.

For more information on Yin yoga, see my blog including a winter Yin yoga practice that can be practiced at any time of the year to support our adrenal health.

Cancellation Policy from 2018

  1. If you cancel more than 1 week BEFORE the start of a class term, a workshop or a coaching program, a refund, less a 20% admin fee, will be given. In some circumstances there is the option to transfer the payment to a future event. Please call to discuss if applicable for you.
  2. For classes and workshops, if you cancel LESS than 1 week before the start of term, a refund, less a 20% admin fee, will only be given if your place can be filled before the commencement of the term or workshop. If your place cannot be filled, no refund is available.
  3. No refunds are available once a class term or a coaching program has commenced.
  4. If I need to cancel a class, workshop or coaching for any unforeseen reason, a full refund will be given.