Online coaching programs: Devotional Home Yoga

Do you have a desire to discover, and embody, the divine feminine?

Are you interested in learning about the wisdom goddesses of yoga?

Would you like to establish a Devotional Home Yoga practice?

I’m Jane Mallick, and I’ve been practicing yoga for over thirty years. I retrained to be a yoga teacher seven years ago. In that time, I’ve helped many women who feel just like this to rediscover their innate divine feminine essence through yoga. In my face-to-face classes, workshops and one-to-one coaching, I’ve guided women – and their bodies – through yoga practices that are deeply nourishing yet energetic, help release tension and awaken pleasure and creativity.

Now I’m looking to bring my yoga teachings into your home, through my Devotional Home Yoga programs.

I’ve heard from many women that it can be a challenge to attend yoga classes or workshops. Even more so now, as we have been called to retreat into our homes at this time. Being able to offer these teachings online makes them accessible for you to practice in your own time and space.

In my experience, and in the lives of many of the women I have worked with, starting a home yoga practice is life-transforming.

So I hope you will join me in Devotional Home Yoga.


Launching in July, 2020

Devotional Home Yoga: a six-week course with the Wisdom Goddesses of Yoga

Over the six weeks, I will guide and support you through an in-depth and inspiring course to establish your own personalized, devotional, at-home yoga practice.

We will be working with the wisdom goddesses of yoga to support deep healing and awakening of our innate divine feminine power and wisdom.

Over the six weeks, we will gather virtually as group of women in a supportive virtual space to:

  • discover a more feminine approach to yoga
  • implement an at-home yoga practice
  • develop and deepen a devotional yoga practice.

Through journeying with the wisdom goddesses of yoga we will:

  • connect with the divine feminine power
  • release what no longer serves us
  • awaken and nourish our sensuality
  • open up to, and receive, the abundance in life
  • align with and cultivate our innate creative flow.

You will receive range of learning support materials each week, over the six weeks to maintain motivation and inspiration. These will be available through an easy-to-use and accessible student platform. The materials include:

  • video demonstrations of asana and movement practices
  • audio meditations
  • live group coaching sessions via zoom
  • access to a private forum, where we will support each other and share inspiration.

I have kept some flexibility in the program, to be able to respond to issues and requests from you as the student as they emerge.

I do hope that you will join me, and a circle of like-minded women, in exploring Devotional Home Yoga.This form of yoga has changed my life – and it is my hope that it will change yours as well.

CLICK HERE to register your interest, and I will keep you updated on the launch and booking details including early bird SPECIAL booking.

In the mean time I will be sharing a series of FREE PRACTICES to do at home.

Upon registering, I will send you a link to a beautiful Saraswati meditation for you to practice at home.

If you are on facebook, you might like to join me in my Devotional Home Yoga private group where I will share yoga practices, inspiration and support for you at home at this time.

You can find the group on my yoga page Jane Mallick Yoga.  Please send me a request to join. You will be prompted to answer a few questions. Please complete all questions, including reading and agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of the group.

About Jane Mallick Yoga


Jane Mallick is a dedicated and passionate yogini, who has been practicing yoga for over thirty years. After a successful career in Social Health Research and Organisational Change Management, Jane found herself in her forties at a midlife health crisis point. She turned to yoga, and in deepening her practice, she found a powerful antidote for the many years of working too hard and fast. Jane is inspired by the sacred feminine to bring yoga teachings to her community and support women (many of whom find themselves in similar big mid-life transitions) to align a life of ease, grace and full potential.

I am super-excited to be able to take my yoga teachings online.

So many women have said to me that they would love to come to my classes and workshops, but time and location make it difficult to fit in with work, family and life!

I am also aware of the limits of intermittent weekly classes and workshops.

I am grateful I live in a time (with the wonderful technology available to us) where you will be able to experience my classes in your own home, at a time that suits you.

Working together through my Devotional Home Yoga program, we can turn yoga into an integral part of your life, maintaining your health and vitality.

I believe that yoga truly comes alive when we establish our own personal at-home yoga practice and I’m delighted to be working with you as we become empowered and align ourselves with the natural flow of life.