Retreats, Festivals and New Studios

Jane is available to teach her workshops and/or collaborate and co-create new offerings at Retreats, Festivals and other Studios.

Please email or call to discuss your needs and to receive a quote for the work. And please book well in advance early in the new year as the 2019 calendar books up.

Jane has experience of holding yoga and self development workshops for small intimate gatherings as well as larger groups of up to 150 people. She will tailor the yoga and the workshop to suit the intention of the retreat/event. For Studio owners, Jane is available to teach any of her workshop offerings.

Jane specialises in:

  • Tantra Flow Yoga, a gentle feminine vinyasa flow
  • Seasonal yin yoga and the 5-elements
  • Devotional and embodiment practices with the wisdom of the goddesses of yoga
  • Yoga and self-care for the mid-life woman

She can also draw on her previous career in organisational change to design the offering.

In previous years Jane has offered yoga at some beautiful retreats, including Soul Worker Academy and Kairos Retreats.

These are some photos from the recent retreat in Macedon with the Soul Workers Academy and a testimonial from Bronte Spicer.

I am deeply grateful Jane Mallick was recommended to me as a yoga teacher for my Soul Worker Academy Retreat. I wanted a yoga teacher who would facilitate divine feminine awakening in my students and support them in the practice of receivership. Jane offered this and so much more.

Jane’s yoga classes (Tantra Flow and Yin) redefined what I knew yoga to be. Postures personalised to women and the sacred womb, the students using sounding to reclaim their innate power; and her tapestry of goddess wisdom weaved into her delivery was truly liberating.

I had never experienced a deeper connection to Self through yoga than I did in Jane’s classes. Jane was professional, approachable and she is as passionate about her work. I highly recommend Jane’s yoga classes for Retreats and I can’t wait to work with her again.  Bronte Spicer, Soul Worker Academy.

Jane often presents at Seven Sisters Festival. However, wont be there in 2019, as she is going to India for some yoga teacher training.

Here are some photos from previous Seven Sisters Festivals.