Tantra Flow Yoga 1- Day Workshop


Kali the Goddess of TransformationOne-day yoga workshop for women embodying the wisdom of the divine goddesses of yoga.

New students are welcome.  Some yoga experience is beneficial, but not necessary.  Please call if you are interested to discuss.

  • Do you feel overwhelmed?… Exhausted?…. Disconnected? … Numb?
  • Are you always looking after everyone else with no time for you?
  • Do you have a desire to get in touch with, and embody the divine feminine?
  • Do you have a yoga practice, or have had a practice, and want to discover a more feminine approach to yoga

Would you like to:

  • access your true divine feminine power
  • release what you are ready to let go of
  • cultivate your innate creative flow
  • awaken and nourish your sensuality
  • be open to the abundance in your life
  • learn and inspire your own home devotional yoga practice

Workshop Details 

Attending you will experience gentle and powerful Tantric and Taoist yogic practices (including pranayama, asana, meditation, Puja/ritual, evocative music and Kirtan, Mahavidya wisdom goddesses).

We will awaken and embody the divine feminine through:

  • Durga – Bhairavi’s innate feminine power
  • Kali’s power of transformation and letting go
  • Saraswati – Matangi’s unique creativity, and
  • Lakshmi – Kamalatmika’s bliss and abundance. 

Dates for 2019 workshops will be available towards the end of the year! 

For all inquiries: jane.mallick@gmail.com / 0431 836 552