Here is what women are saying about Jane’s Classes and Workshops:

Weekly Classes

“Jane’s yoga is my sanctuary. It’s a space for retreat, peace, and a journey to me. It feels sensational for my body and it honours it’s feminine needs. There are so many layers to this Yoga that goes beyond my body, and deep into my soul, enriching my life deeply.”  Laura

“I love these woman’s only class as it creates a safe place where I can feel supported, connected and vulnerable. I always feel and deepen my connection to a calmer more centred me. Jane has a lot of knowledge and awareness and has a gorgeous teaching style which is nurturing, playful and flowing.” Nicole

“I absolutely love Jane’s yoga classes. Entering into Jane’s yoga space is like entering a safe womb. I love the slow breathing, combined with the flowing more active parts, and then the blissful yin and meditation. Her classes are a deep journey always leaving me re-connected back to myself.” Cindy

Jane’s approach to yoga is a unique fusion of styles that effortlessly weave together, taking me on a journey into my self and the pleasure it is to be a woman.  Jane’s classes are woman-luscious: gentle, sensual and nurturing however she also incorporates traditional, strength asanas that reinforce the power attributes of the goddess. I drive a long way to Jane’s class despite having plenty of local yoga because Jane’s teaching style is infused with love and healing for women.  Peta


Jane’s Yin Yoga workshops are warm and welcoming. Whether you are a beginner, or someone who has practiced yoga a lot, there really is something for everyone here. It is very nourishing taking time out for yourself in these seasonal ½ day workshops, and the positive effects reverberate long after the workshop.” Lisa D.

The wonderfully nurturing Yin Workshops with Jane are perfect for tuning in to the energy of the season, and my own desires and needs.  Jane creates such a safe and reassuring environment in which to really let go of the external and completely nourish body, mind and soul. A quarterly treat!  Rachel

Jane’s Yin Yoga Workshops offer a deep connection with not only yourself, but the season. They allow contemplation, opening and deep relaxation. A melding of the mind, body, spirit and environment. For me, they have become anchor points in the busyness of the year. Lisa E.