All workshops are currently offered in Central Victoria, Castlemaine – an easy day trip from Melbourne

  • Seasonal 1/2 day Yin Yoga for Women. Regular workshops run throughout the year.
  • Yoga and Self-care in Menopause. These 1-day workshops are offered twice a year.
  • Tantra Flow Yoga : 1-day workshop embodying the Divine Wisdom of Tantric Mahavidya goddesses.

For more information on each of these workshops, including dates, costs, and how to book, please see below.

Yin Yoga 1/2 day workshops.

DSC00437 KopieCome and experience deep rest and relaxation in these 1/2 day Seasonal Yin Yoga workshops for women.

Yin yoga powerfully works on the Chinese meridian system, bringing benefits to our health, well-being, energy levels and vitality.

“I love the feeling of my body letting go of all that stuff”

“It’s amazing surrender for me, and sooooooo relaxing”

In Yin Yoga we feel and release tensions that are deep within us. It is a deep meditation where we still the mind, experience greater clarity and peace of mind.

These workshops are designed around the Chinese Meridians, working with the elemental seasons to harness the innate energy, healing and creative potential in our bodies, the seasons of the year and our lives.

The wonderfully nurturing Yin Workshops are perfect for tuning in to the energy of the season, and my own desires and needs.  Jane creates such a safe and reassuring environment in which to really let go of the external and completely nourish body, mind and soul. A quarterly treat!  Rachel

Workshops also include a Yoga Nidra practice.  This yogic sleep is a deeply, restorative and restful practice.  Workshops are held close to the new moon, which is potent time to set intentions for the month ahead and beyond!

Open to all women. No yoga experience is necessary. Beginners and advanced yoga students are welcome. Yin workshops are are limited to 12 students. Booking is essential.

Yin Yoga Workshop Schedule for 2018

  • Winter Yin: Sunday 17 June, 10am-1pm BUY TICKET
  • Spring Yin:  Sunday 7 October, 10am-1pm BUY TICKET
  • Summer Yin: Sunday, 9 December, 10am-1pm (Tickets available from September 2018)

Venues Details: The Forge,  341 Barker street, Castlemaine, 3450.

Cost:  $55 early bird (2 weeks prior to workshop) or $65 thereafter for each workshop. Full payment must be made prior to the workshop

**Special** Yin Yoga Seasonal Year Pass:  $200 for 4 workshops (i.e. $50 per workshop). Please note these are to be used in a calendar year and are non- refundable, so please ensure that you can attend 4 of the 5 workshops. Please contact me directly to purchase this pass.

For more information: / 0431 836 552

Yoga and Self Care in Menopause

Many women experience menopause symptoms quiet early, with symptoms such as sleepless nights, erratic mood swings, and feelings of overwhelm.

These symptoms are in many ways a gift, prompting us to make the lifestyle adjustments and adopt self care practices for a healthy (and smoother!) transition into menopause and a healthy and wise second half of life.

Autumn leavesMenopause tends to get a really bad rap in our society.  Did you know that the midlife transition for a woman is the Autumn season of her life? Where we have the opportunity to let go of what no longer serves us, to open to, and live, our true gifts.

This one-day workshop is open to any women who want to become more conscious of their menopause.

Including pre-menopausal women, who are wanting to prepare for a healthy menopause transition and post-menopausal women who want to learn powerful and effective yogic self-care practices. No yoga experience is necessary.

Come and experience a day of blissful yoga and self-care practices to support your body, mind, emotions and spirit through this significant and powerful transition.

In this one-day workshops you will:

  • explore the key physical and emotional aspects of menopause;
  • have the opportunity to go deeper into your personal journey for healing;
  • learn how to adjust your lifestyle and learn specific mediations and yoga practices to ease symptoms and tap into your unique creative life force.

After working with signs of peri-menopause for the last two years, I realised how much silence there is around this issue. Thankfully, these workshops are providing a much-needed space for conversation. Jane’s offering is highly professional and deeply sensitive; she gracefully facilitates a safe space for sharing, personal reflection, and physical practice. I highly recommend this workshop to any woman who is moving towards, in the middle, or already in, this powerful phase of life. 

Booking Details

Two 1-day workshops will be offered in 2018, one in the autumn and one in the spring.

Sunday November 11, 2018 9.00am – 5pm BUY TICKET

Cost: $130 early bird (2 weeks prior to workshop) /$150 thereafter for each workshop.  Full payment must be made prior to the workshop.

Venue: The Forge, 341 Barker street, Castlemaine, 3450.

For all inquiries: / 0431 836 552

Tantra Flow Yoga 1- Day Workshop

Kali the Goddess of TransformationOne-day yoga workshop for women embodying the wisdom of the divine goddesses of yoga.

New students are welcome.  Some yoga experience is beneficial, but not necessary.  Please call if you are interested to discuss.

  • Do you feel overwhelmed?… Exhausted?…. Disconnected? … Numb?
  • Are you always looking after everyone else with no time for you?
  • Do you have a desire to get in touch with, and embody the divine feminine?
  • Do you have a yoga practice, or have had a practice, and want to discover a more feminine approach to yoga

Would you like to:

  • access your true divine feminine power
  • release what you are ready to let go of
  • cultivate your innate creative flow
  • awaken and nourish your sensuality
  • be open to the abundance in your life
  • learn and inspire your own home devotional yoga practice

Workshop Details 

Attending you will experience gentle and powerful Tantric and Taoist yogic practices (including pranayama, asana, meditation, Puja/ritual, evocative music and Kirtan, Mahavidya wisdom goddesses).

We will awaken and embody the divine feminine through:

  • Durga – Bhairavi’s innate feminine power
  • Kali’s power of transformation and letting go
  • Saraswati – Matangi’s unique creativity, and
  • Lakshmi – Kamalatmika’s bliss and abundance.

September 2018 workshop has been cancelled for personal reasons.  

Dates for 2019 workshops will be available towards the end of the year! 

For all inquiries: / 0431 836 552

Cancellation Policy from 2018

  1. If you cancel more than 1 week BEFORE the start of a class term, a workshop or a coaching program, a refund, less a 20% admin fee, will be given. In some circumstances there is the option to transfer the payment to a future event. Please call to discuss if applicable for you.
  2. For classes and workshops, if you cancel LESS than 1 week before the start of term, a refund, less a 20% admin fee, will only be given if your place can be filled before the commencement of the term or workshop. If your place cannot be filled, no refund is available.
  3. No refunds are available once a class term or a coaching program has commenced.
  4. If I need to cancel a class, workshop or coaching for any reason, a full refund will be given.