1-Day Workshop: Yogic Self-care for a woman’s mid-life transition

Yoga can be hugely beneficial for women of all ages and stages of life – particularly for mid-life where women undergo significant hormonal changes and where we are often super busy in our caring roles, in our careers etc. Yoga can provide us great nourishment and rest and there is increasing scientific evidence that it benefits the endocrine system making it a very accessible self care practice for the mid-life woman.

Mid life can herald a time of great change. It can present a range of challenges (and opportunities!) for women including significant physical, psychological and emotional changes, as well as changes in our relationships. It can also raise spiritual questions about the meaning of life.

Many women don’t realise that many of these changes are a part of the menopause transition and that if we embrace these changes consciously, with good self-care routines, we not only ride the changes better, we can experience great healing and wisdom.

Many women can experience menopause symptoms quiet early, commonly in their 40’s and into their 50’s, with symptoms such as sleepless nights, erratic mood swings, and feelings of overwhelm. It can be a time of great change. These symptoms can be a gift prompting us to make the lifestyle adjustments and adopt regular self-care practices for a healthy transition into menopause and a healthy second half of life.

There are many holistic strategies particularly from the yogic traditions to help ensure we are able to function well in our lives, with energy and vitality, through mid-life and into old age.

Are you a woman 40+, experiencing significant change in your mid-life transition?

Do you value being busy and multitasking over and above rest and restoration?

Are you feeling overwhelmed and would like to experience more ease in your daily life?

Would you like to understand more about the menopause transition and how to harness the gifts of this powerful life stage?

Then this workshop is for you!

About the Workshop

Come and experience a day of blissful yoga and self-care practices to support your body, mind, emotions and spirit through this significant and powerful transition.

This one-day workshop is open to any women who want to become more conscious of their menopause. Including pre-menopausal women, who are wanting to prepare for a healthy menopause transition and post-menopausal women who want to learn powerful and effective yogic self-care practices. No yoga experience is necessary.

In this one-day workshop we gather in a circle of like-minded women to:

  • explore and understand the key physical and emotional aspects of mid life transition and menopause;
  • go deeper into our healing journey
  • learn how to adjust your lifestyle and learn specific mediations and yoga practices to ease symptoms and tap into your unique creative life force.

Women can find great support, comfort and reassurance to spend time exploring what mid life transition means for them in the company of other women.

“There is so much silence around a woman’s midlife transition and menopause. Thankfully, this workshop provides a much-needed space for conversation. Jane’s offering is highly professional and deeply sensitive; she gracefully facilitates a safe space for sharing, personal reflection, and physical practice. I highly recommend this workshop to any woman who is moving towards, in the middle, or already leaving, this powerful phase of life. ” Robyn

Workshop Details:

Open to all women interested in yoga, self-care and menopause.
No yoga experience is necessary beginners and advanced yoga students are welcome.

The next workshop is in Bendigo

Saturday, February 22nd

9.30 am – 5.30 pm

at YogaHara 1A King Street Bendigo

To book please go to YogaHara

For any other inquiries, please get in touch:

jane.mallick@gmail.com / 0431 836 552